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Relationship are complicated specially the politic kind. In the 1950’s Iranian nuclear program was lunched with the help of the United States as part of the Atoms for Peace program. That support runes in whole Europe countries. In 1979 that help and support disappear in thin air as of the Islamic revolution rolled over and take out the western dear friend the Shah of Iran. Since the 1979 revolution the Iranian government temporarily disbanded elements of the program, and then revived it with less Western assistance than during the pre-revolution era. Iran’s nuclear program has included several research sites, two uranium mines, a research reactor, and uranium processing facilities that include three known uranium enrichment plants.








In 12/9/2011 with major assistance of Russian government agency RosAtom the Iranian government opened the first nuclear power plant Bushehr I reactor. Iran has announced that it is working on a new 360 MW nuclear power plant to be located in Darkhovin. Iran has also indicated that it will seek more medium-sized nuclear power plants and uranium mines in the future. In November 2011, the IAEA Board of Governors rebuked Iran following an IAEA report Iran had undertaken research and experiments geared to developing a nuclear weapons capability. Iran rejected the details of the report and accused the IAEA of pro-Western bias and threatened to reduce its cooperation with the IAEA.








So that’s lefts us with a lot of the questions to ask, wither if the Shah of Iran still in the power position are we going to be  having this dissections. Who’s allowed to have nuclear program and who’s not.i was against the Iranian nuclear program. But when I discover that the program was set to start years and years before my birth, I changed my mind.




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