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nuclear energy cycle


This diagram demonstrates the nuclear fuel cycle. Uranium is mined, enriched and manufactured to nuclear fuel (1) which is delivered to a nuclear power plant.  After usage in the power plant the spent fuel is delivered to a reprocessing plant (2) or to final repository (3) for permanent storage in a safe place, such as inside rock. In reprocessing 95% of spent fuel can be recycled to be returned to usage in a power plant (4).



  1. Why do we need nuclear energy?

    • hye shafie!!

      It’s not essential, but it makes a useful contribution to energy demand, and for countries like France which have little fossil fuels on their own territory, it is more desirable than for countries such as the US which had plenty of coal, oil, and gas. More recently with emphasis on limiting emissions from burning fossil fuels it has an added attraction in that respect.

    • we all do what we are going to do when all the other power source finish

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